Monday, February 8, 2010

Before reading, please watch the following video clip with an open mind. k-show/727501/

While this video is very silly and it is difficult to see past the surface, there are some very evident examples of nonverbal communication, especially when concentrating on attractiveness. After watching the above video, most everyone would understand from Judice's first line, that in comparison to her three sisters, she is not physically attractive. Judice's image is an exaggeration of what is considered unattractive in our society. Her under-developed muscle tone, fragile-looking physique and bony, thin body type characterizes her as an ectomorph.

In her next shot, the audience can see that she is also socially unattractive. In agreement with Sheldon's studies, her ectomorph body type makes her appear slow and forgiving of others' reactions towards her extremely small hands. 05211/

In this video clip, the matching hypothesis theory is touched on. It is amusing to the audience to watch Judice attempt to be friendly towards Will Ferrell. While he seems to enjoy the other three sisters' attention towards his good looks and charming personality, he is obviously turned off by Judice's unattractiveness. It is interesting as a viewer to watch her attempts at becoming closer to Ferrell's handsome character, since our society is not use to seeing mismatched couples such as this.

Nonverbal communication is everywhere! Even in ridiculous skits such as these, aspects of nonverbal communication can be found and studied to answer questions regarding our societies acceptance of only a select few types of personalities and appearances.

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  1. This was a really great example of how physical attractiveness affects people everyday lives! I know it was silly and all in good fun but even though I'd seen these videos before and thought that they were hilarious, I still cringed a little while watching them because I just felt so bad for "Judice's" character even though I was laughing too. I definitely think this was lots of fun!