Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is he that into you?

It seems like everywhere I turn there's magazine headlines reading, "Find out if he's really that into you," or a newspaper article hinting at the same subject. Today, it was an online article on the homepage of Yahoo! that read, "Dating Tips: 10 Signs He's Smitten." Attached is the article I curiously read:

While Yahoo! may have done there best to inform its' audience about these obvious signs, I am confident that our class could put together a much more informational article to help others find out how their new crush is feeling. We understand that there are quicker and more reliable ways to figure out how he(or she) is feeling towards you, or their level of immediacy. The way one person touches another, the positioning and posture of each others bodies when conversing, the amount of eye contact made along with the way one person uses their voice to speak to the other are all ways to determine ones feelings for the other.

When holding hands, are their fingers intertwined? When at the movies is the armrest raised and are they making physical contact in some way? Just touching is not enough to say that a couple has a high level of immediacy. It's the little things that determine if they are truly in love. Most of the time, I feel like it is the smallest things such as these (usually only the two involved in the relationship know and understand) that make for the best and most intimate relationships.

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  1. Really good article. The Yahoo article was a good source to support your main idea.